2021 - A look back at an extraordinary Flat Cap Year for Poe & Co®


2021 made for another tough year for many and our hearts are out to all who are dealing with a difficult holiday season. As a Family and U.S. Veteran owned business, we feel the challenges too with all of the successes and difficult losses. More important than reading our blog post below (which I’d love for you to do) I wanted you to know first and foremost that we truly value everyone who has been a part of our flock in 2021.

We are sincerely grateful to you which allows us to make the very best traditional Flat Caps and Fashion Accessories we can and bring them all to you from the United Kingdom!

All the best for a very Merry Christmas, a joyous holiday and all my family’s sincere hopes for a prosperous, healthy "Flat Cap Grinning" New Year to you and your family! 

   Christopher Poe,
   President / CEO
   Poe & Company Limited, LLC®
   First Sergeant, US Army (Retired)


So, 2021 –Wow! What a year! Poe & Company’s “Felix the Raven” and his Flat Cappin’ Flock of Poe & Company Limited® Family, Friends and Steely Eyed-Customers have all seen through a year of challenge with the grit and determination only true “bearers of the Flat Cap” would know. All of us here at Poe & Company Limited® are so very grateful for not only you choosing us but for the words of encouragement along the way with hundreds of testimonials and photos we received.

It was no secret that COVID-19 impacted operations throughout 2020. Poe & Co® had been scheduled for no less than fifteen pop-up shops across New England and beyond during the year. All, shut down! What could have been catastrophe was made secure by the customers who carried the day! Off the back of a record breaking Fiscal Year 2020 4th quarter, the Flat Cap Flock of styling’ customers propelled our U.S. Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business into new territory early in 2021. Below are some key highlights made possible by your support!


On January 26th, 2021, Poe & Company Limited® became an official fashion brand! No small feat for a small business. Tangling with the proverbial reams of legalese and mind-melting paperwork. Biding time waiting for challenges. Public notifications and temporary publications before releasing the trademark from its cage. This small document has power behind it. When your Flat Cap bears this mark, you know that you purchased nothing less than authenticity and quality as it should be.



We began the year by finalizing a long and arduous project by securing our very first U.S. Army® Official Product License which sparked the launch of Poe & Company’s Liberty Flat Cap Collection. America’s First Flat Cap EVER legally authorized to bear a U.S. Armed Forces trademark. By midyear, Felix the Raven added the United States Navy® Deluxe Flat Cap to the Liberty Collection Ranks and only one week after the United States Marine Corp® Birthday, Felix was proud to bring aboard the mighty Globe and Anchor Flat Cap of “The Few and the Proud!” Though much anticipated, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Space Force and the U.S. Coast Guard had targets sighted but had to perform a delaying action until January / February 2022. All systems are go for a launch. Coincidentally, it does appear that fate and history have attached their seals of approval. With the exception of our brave Coasties, note the sequential order in which these caps have been approved by their various Headquarters. They each coincide with their established “born” dates in our history. U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force.



We do not anticipate straying far from our Flat Cap roots. Since 2018, it was our goal to bring authenticity and tradition back into the main stream of the U.S. fashion market with legacy Flat Caps made in Great Britain. Flat Caps have been and continue to be a long-enduring fashion symbol of the determination shown by generations from Europe coming to America. That said, we added some products in 2021 from Great Britain that fit that authentic, luxury mold that we had to accessorize with. Tarquin Linen Flat Caps. Must have for the warmer months! WWII Design 100% Leather / Wool Aviators Jacket, 100% British Wool Designer Fashion Blankets, 100% British Aran & Lambswool Scarves, Beautiful rare-breed and standard-breed British Sheepskin rugs and several other goodies brought to us from the farms and fields of lush green Britannia. Our Sheepskin rugs (by the way) are a by-product of the food industry and are responsibly sourced. No wool bearing sheep were harmed simply for the plush luxury of a rug. We just wouldn’t do that. Its not in our DNA. Come see them! All this wool is where a Flat Cap is from… Bring them home together!



Again, brought to you by our loyal Flat Cappin’ Flock, Poe & Company Limited® added no less than 1000 new faces to our social media. From Facebook to Instagram, from LinkedIn to Twitter, if Felix the Raven wasn’t off the ground a few years ago, he is climbing to new heights now. In today’s commercial world, social media can make or break a business. We are dedicated to offering only high-quality Flat Caps and accessories to our Flat Cap Fans. We know that is why our imprint is growing. Word of mouth is still a thing these days. Even if those words are accompanied by a classic meme or simply a share. Just ask the Flat Cappin' men and women of the Scally Cap Mafia on Facebook! (Don't know them? You need to!) We can’t thank you enough! All this prompted Poe & Company® to bring Flat Caps to other online sales channels. Are you saying you haven’t seen us on Walmart.com, Amazon.com and coming soon, our Liberty Collection of AAFES.com? Yup. Your favorite Raven is flying to all these places but don’t worry… Your best deals will always be at home… www.poeandcompanyltd.com... And sales? We won’t bore you with numbers… We are growing and, because of you, we more than doubled in 2021! That helps us bring you new fabrics, new styles and a company you can be proud to be a part of in 2022!



We love what we do but it is so very hard to bring the authentic feel of our brand to customers in a virtual world. We want our customers to feel the cool mist in the morning overlooking a green pasture of wool bearing sheep who are more than happy to shed their thick wool to get a Flat Cap on your head. From the farm to the mill, from the mill to the haberdashers and from the haberdashers to your head, you deserve the experience. You may have seen some of our Blog posts from copywriter Lauren Holden. A Yorkshire England native who still resides with exactly those views out of her window. Headed for motherhood, she is on a bit of a break. But you know who took her place with imagery instead of text? YOU! The majority of our posts in 2021 on social media came from so many of our amazing customers photos. We actually smile when we put your Flat Cappin’ face in front of the masses. There is no better way to let others know that yes, indeed, life can be 5% happier in a Poe & Co® Flat Cap. Just ask YOU! Lastly, we know that we can’t get away with that forever and we brought on board some true professionals. White Box Media presented us with some amazing talent just a few weeks ago. Suffice to say, we like the mix… Real people showing off just how damned good they look! Lastly, we have to mention a true marketing master! Chris Kostecki of ChrisKosDigital! A powerhouse with Poe & Co® since 2018. I guess we can say, he was our 1st #1 fan!


Cameron W. Mallory, Grandson of Christopher T. Poe

From all of us at Poe & Co® and the entire Poe Family, THANK YOU for making all of this possible!

On to 2022 and stuffing New and Happy Memories under our Flat Caps!

~ Your Poe & Co® Team!

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It has been easy to back your quality products and the Poe customer service. And then you too that off with your service to the USA and all the backing that you give other veterans, it has been an simple choice.

Rich Costanzo March 18, 2022

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