Felix "the Flat Cap" Raven™ Spooktober 23rd post of "The Raven" by E.A. Poe (1845)

Modeled in a feature cinematic from 1920 Germany and with his Flat Cap down low... Felix the Raven™ and the Flat Cap Hat team at Poe & Company Limited® bring you another freaky rendition of a distant cousin's dark and sinister psychological thriller poem, "The Raven" first published in 1845.

Writer/director Peter Bradley brings Edgar Allan Poe's classic horror poem,THE RAVEN, to chilling life in a faithful, word-for-word adaption. Seen in numerous festivals in seven countries, and used as a teaching aid in Drama and English programs in the U.S., Canada, and the UK, THE RAVEN is greatly inspired by German expressionist cinema of the 1920's. Based not completely in reality, but not completely in fantasy, one man's self-induced torture over the loss of his lover manifests itself and pushes him over the edge of sanity. This stylized piece captures the twisted, tortured world of Poe in a simple, yet highly detailed way that has to be seen and heard to be believed.


Felix the Raven™ and the Poe & Co® Spooktober Team!


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Tom Tan October 19, 2023

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