A 2020 Virtual Thanksgiving - Don't lower the standards - Dress for it!

This Thanksgiving may be a challenge for many families in a socially distanced America but it does not mean that we can't make it enjoyable and special. We have become used to "virtual" visits since early this year and Thanksgiving will be the same. Facetime, Zoom, Whatsapp, Webex, Facebook Messenger all will play a big part in meeting and greeting over Turkey and Stuffing. 

So when you ring the virtual doorbell at Grandma and Grandpa's, make sure you make a statement and dress for the occasion. It is autumn after all and just because we are not physically present doesn't mean we don't have to dress up for the occasion. 

Let's get dressed up for dinner as always in our Thanksgiving best and nothing says "I'm ready for dinner" than a dressed up occasion complete with your fall Flat Cap! 

Why not make it a picture to remember. After all, the year of 2020 with all its challenges will be a memory too one day. You may find yourself saying "Remember that crazy year when we all met up for Thanksgiving dinner over the internet and the whole family had their Flat Cap on?"

A Flat Cap is the mark of a resilient culture! You can make this Thanksgiving one to remember too! 

Come find your style...



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