Meet Your Go-to Summer Garment. Hint: It’s Not Sunglasses…

What would a blazing hot American summer be without your favorite sunglasses? It’d be a miserable one, that’s what. At Poe & Company, we know a warm-weather garment that’s just as – if not more – important, though.

We’ll give you three guesses…

No, it’s not your failsafe tropical shirt. Neither is it those well-worn and much-loved cargo shorts. Sorry, it isn’t those sandals that were made for sunset walks on the beach. Although all those things are must-haves, none of the three is the answer you’re looking for.

Instead, your go-to summer garment for 2021 and beyond is the flat cap. But not any old flat cap; your new summer favorite is made of linen – and supremely comfortable. Oh, and stylish. Well, you knew that though, didn’t you?

Let’s take a closer look at some of our linen flat caps, so you can get a handle on just why this traditional piece of headwear gets top marks for style…

Say Hello to the Tarquin Flat Cap in Dover Linen

We get it; flat caps are traditionally made from wool – or even tweed. But the humble Poe & Company flat cap has received a modern update.

A great place to start – if you’re keen to try a linen flat cap for size (and style!) – is with our Tarquin Flat Cap in Dover Linen.

Like all our flat caps, it’s made across the pond in Britain – and it’s designed for light and casual comfort.

This is the kind of flat cap you can sport for a round or two of golf, a family barbecue, or even a day browsing the stalls at a local farmers’ market. It’s such a versatile style – and material.

Boasting a deep back, leading to a focused, hand-sewn peak, the cap is finished with a soft, 100% cotton lining. Thanks to its neutral shade, it’ll complement just about any outfit you pick out too – meaning you’ll get much more bang for your buck with this British flat cap.

If a white flat cap isn’t for you, our Tarquin hat comes in a few other colors. In Raven Linen, the traditional flat cap gets an update for summer yet again – take a look

Enjoy life’s finer moments in a flat cap made in Britain – and the great thing about this cap is it can be dressed up or down, looking just as suave paired with shorts and a tee as it will with smart trousers and a shirt.

Let's leave something to the imagination... Haven't seen our Tarquin Flat Cap in Pearl Linen? ----> Click Here

You might also like our Atlantic Linen Tarquin flat cap, which offers all the same details you’d expect from a Poe & Company cap, in a dark blue shade.

Alternatively, add a slightly bolder color to your accessories cupboard or closet, by way of our Tarquin Flat Cap in Stark Linen (below). In an olive-green color, this super stylish cap is guaranteed to turn heads.

Last but not least in the line-up, a beach going favorite, the Tarquin Flat Cap in Bahama Linen... If you can't get to the Bahamas this summer, let the world know where your head is in this seafaring aqua-blue favorite!


Don’t forget to grab one now – while stocks last – and see out the rest of the summer looking and feeling cool.

Until next time…

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