Zomchi Razor Blade Bank for Safety Razor Blade Storagement, Used Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Disposal Case by ZOMCHI

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Fulfilled by our friends at ZOMCHI

SEALED DESIGN MUCH SAFERZomchi Blade Bank with its SEALED DESIGN, The used blades can only slip into the bank through the only Opening Gap at the top of the storage case, which could not only avoid escaping of razor blades and effectively protects users getting hurt when disposal the used razor blades, also can keep children safe although they have touched the Blade Bank in case.


FRIENDLY DISPOSAL OF USED BLADEMany of our fans are new to switch to safety razors. Finally, this razor blades disposal case comes out, perfectly resolve their puzzlements of abandon the used blades. Find your double edge blades a safe home rather than let them disposed of soil, water, any place that they will hurt creatures alive. Let them go into the new home — the Zomchi blade bank. After scientific recycled, they will refresh a new life like a Phoenix from the Ashes. 

BIGGER CAPACITY FOR MORE THAN 300 COUNTS USED BLADESSquare shape body has more space to store every count of used blades. So, our blade bank can disposal more blades than the arched shape body. Easy to throw in blades and won't be stuck easily when it is almost full.

RECYCLABLE & ZERO-WASTEThis blade bank is made of metal, so it can be totally recycled, the same as the used blades. Shave just the way you are, Replace the blades just the way you are. To replace razor blades frequently is good health for you. You don’t need to worry about waste. There is no waste for a blade’s whole life. When the double edge safety razor blade becomes blunt, it means that the razor blade had finished its job, just let it go!

√【Using TipsAlthough our blade bank is SEALED,  better to keep away from children to prevent any accidents; When it is almost full, don’t stuff in a blade forcibly and don’t shake the blade case violently to prevent getting hurt and the blades slid out from the gap.

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