Flat Caps and Their Role in Romance

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A Gentle Stroll Down Memory Lane….

How romantic are you? Are you a modern-day Casanova or could you benefit from a nudge in the right direction when it comes to wooing the one you love?

We’re all champions of our very own school of romance, aren’t we? Some of us take our cues from the pre-Valentine’s Day adverts that tell us to lavish flowers and chocolates on our other half, while others prefer to show we care in a way that’s as unique as our relationship with our spouse.

The art of romance isn’t new; ladies and gents like you have been spoiling their partners for centuries – and not just with overpriced choccy truffles. Even what we wore could – and did – have a part to play when it comes to netting ourselves a partner.

Of course, we’re talking about flat caps (what else?!) and their role in romance. Yes, really.

Here’s Why Your Flat Cap is More Than Just an Accessory

In days gone by, men who wished to court a special someone would do so by taking off their flat cap when greeting her – and such a show of respect is still very much in play today. Perhaps not in the same way, but unless you’re a ‘hipster’ who insists on wearing his hat indoors (and whatever the weather) you’d probably take it off before entering a building.

Likewise, you’d also deem it a sign of respect to take your hat off while in a meeting – or when meeting people in a restaurant.

‘Hat etiquette’ might not be as big a deal as it once was, but it certainly still has its place in civilized society. So much so that WikiHow has created an article all about how and when to take off your hat.

Today, flat caps may well be less an object designed to keep your head warm and more a style statement, but the art of tipping one’s cap to someone will probably still be received in the spirit it was intended.

I mean, who wouldn’t like to meet a man with traditional, romantic values; a man who’d take off his hat upon greeting you or pull out your chair at dinner? While there are, of course, a lot of women who might be taken-aback and pleasantly surprised by such an ‘old-fashioned’ display of charm and manners, there are plenty who would absolutely lap it up right away.

Peaky Blinders has switched a brand-new audience onto the humble flat cap – and with good reason. A man (or woman) wearing a flat cap looks infinitely more ‘put together’ than one without, even in 2021. Scratch that, especially in 2021.

 Good, Old-Fashioned Romance Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Whether we care to admit it or not, many of us love a bit of romance – and, of course, here at Poe & Company Limited, we say that being greeted by someone who thinks nothing of tipping his or her hat in admiration will never go out of fashion.

 Want to channel your inner romantic gent, too? Well, why wouldn’t you? Of course, it must be via an authentic British flat cap from our range – and ahead of Valentine’s Day, it makes the perfect treat to yourself or your loved one. It will last far longer than flowers and chocolates and trust us when we say it’ll be as well-received by your partner as it will be you – and your wardrobe.

It's Valentine's Day folks! Make this one count!

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