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A 2020 Virtual Thanksgiving - Don't lower the standards - Dress for it!

This Thanksgiving may be a challenge for many families in a socially distanced America but it does not mean that we can't make it enjoyable and special. We have become used to "virtual" visits since early this year and Thanksgiving will be the same. Facetime, Zoom, Whatsapp, Webex, Facebook Messenger all will play a big part in meeting and greeting over Turkey and Stuffing.  So when you ring the virtual doorbell at Grandma and Grandpa's, make sure you make a statement and dress for the occasion. It is autumn after all and just because we are not physically present doesn't mean we don't have to dress up for the occasion.  Let's get dressed up for dinner as always in our Thanksgiving best...

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2020, The year "I'm going out for a bit of fresh air" made a comeback!

Friends,  There was a time when the only way to get the news was a newspaper... The only way to connect with a distant friend was a letter and the only way to enjoy the day was going outside for a casual walk with someone you care about...  In the year 2020, if anyone deserves a break from the intrusion of more than 200 angry news channels, relentless cell phone pings and pongs, virtual homeschooling with the kids at your feet and the calamity of the times, its our customers! Why not maintain your social distance by taking your Flat Cap off the rack and getting out for a bit of fresh air? You deserve it! Your Friends at Poe &...

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Memories are born under your Flat Cap

Get in with the cool kids, find YOUR style and go make a memory of your own! When we say "Memories are born under your Flat Cap," this image says it all. These are some cool cousins ready for Fall! Each in a Flat Cap, guys and gals alike. Nothing is more enduring than growing up with traditions like this! We'd like to thank the Moms and Dads of these "Little Rascals" for sending us these shots! Great looking crew with many happy memories ahead! Get in with the cool kids, find YOUR style and go make a memory of your own!

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Our Poe & Company Flat Caps are steeped in history and tradition and Yorkshire is just one of the amazing places that made it possible. Throughout history, York and Yorkshire have had a huge impact on the history of the United Kingdom and thus, the world.  Today, it is a place that should not be missed on ANY bucket list. From Yorkminster to the Yorkshire Dales, from Skipton to Clapham and Iilkey... Explore it all! All our best to the people and their heritages that make up this amazingly beautiful place!  Happy Yorkshire Day from the Poe & Company Family!

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What can we learn about the people throughout history who have donned a Flat Cap and how can that help us today? Resilience! Like the resilience of young Felix Poe. (Shown in the family photo on the bottom left) Born to a poor Kentucky farming family in 1925, He and the Poe family endured the great depression and a migration to Ohio for work in the onion fields of Alger. Later, Felix would see U.S. Naval service in the Pacific Theater of WWII and then go on lead a full life raising a family of his own as a sharecropper in the farming fields of Ohio. When we think of the Flat Caps we bring to our customers, we believe...

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