Poe & Company Limited is a Certified U.S. Veterans Administration Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. As such, we strive to support our fellow servicemen and women in their continuing endeavors after they have stored the uniforms they once proudly wore. Many veterans choose to develop large and small entrepreneurial businesses. We know that these businesses exercise the continued strengths and talents of our American Veterans, grow our American economy and provide jobs to thousands of our fellow citizens including former veterans. We would like to offer you a link to many of these dynamic Americans and their businesses in the hopes that you too will support them. Please consider shopping from a U.S. Veteran Owned business today.

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Interested in living your best life? Interested in improving your resilience? For more than a decade, Christopher Poe, owner of Poe & Company Limited®, along with an incredibly positive and energetic team of nationally known VIP's and mental health professionals has also been teaching a well-being and resilience skills curriculum adopted by the United States Air Force®, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and a range of Law Enforcement, Commercial and Civic Organizations. Start with your people—provide training that fosters communication, improves emotional resilience, and helps them thrive. For more information on our partnership with TechWerks, designed to help people navigate change and cope with stress,
visit: 4-9-NORTH.COM  

Gifts, Merchandise & Apparel

Edibles & Natural Remedies

Life Coaching, Financial and Other Services 

How about a unique gift from a veteran owned business?

Apparel & Fashion Accessories

  • FNG Clothing Company
  • Really? Designs
  • Beyond Boots Boutique
  • Authentic American Brand
  • Timber and Tundra
  • Wearable Gratitude
  • Pinkerton & Co
  • Peacemaker Swag
  • Stephs Scrubs and Stuff
  • Patches for Porters P4P
  • American Bogan
  • Fuuties
  • Above Artisitc

Unique Gifts

  • Abby Grace's Gifts
  • Digital Designs 214
  • Patch Ops
  • Wah-Tie Wood Turning
  • JD Personal Creations
  • Old Army Coffee and More
  • MacWooden
  • Swinging Fun by Crystal
  • Ballash Woodworks
  • Combat Candles
  • Biker Bum
  • Scars and Stripes Coffee
  • Angie Blevins Art
  • Salty Sailor Designs and Vinyl
  • M3 Tactical Tech Gear
  • Smart Air Pro - Air Purification
  • Amor Umbrella, Apparel and More Gifts
  • Vet Delivers - Custom and Unique Gifts
  • Fire for Effects

Costumes & Fantasy Accessories

  • Parlay 8

For Pets.

  • Lil Paws Clothing

Automotive & Mechanics

  • Patriot Synthetics
  • Trail Forged

Looking for something tasty or a natural remedy?

Food & Drink

  • Barrage Coffee
  • Old Army Coffee and More
  • Scars and Stripes Coffee
  • Crazy Mike's Jerky
  • Prize Crew Coffee
  • Gomms Cookies
  • Beyond Nuts

Vitamins, Beauty & Natural Remedies

  • The Skin Medic
  • Active Duty Rx
  • Growing for a Koz Farm
  • Q Sciences Hemp Products
  • Dashfire Beards
  • Bonvera Marketplace

Chefs on Location & Cooking

  • The Kitchen Table
  • Deri Dari on location Chefs - Multiple US

Vape Juice

  • .50 Cal. Flavors

Is there a Veteran Owned Service you could use?

Sports & Life Fitness 

  • Tiny Troops Soccer
  • Fit Girl Life Fitness
  • Indomitus Life Coaching
  • Patriot Ranch Hunting - South TX

Business & Financial Services

  • DBI Ventures Investment Svcs.
  • Ikaravan Financial
  • A Plus Business Consulting Svcs.

Home & Garden

  • CSD Hardscapes - Ocala FL
  • Maricelas Cleaning - Houston TX
  • The Kitchen Table - Plaquemine LA
  • Angie Blevins Carpentry - Hallowell, ME

Beauty & Spa

  • The Skin Medic - Chandler AZ

Graphic Design, Embroidery & Vinyl & Custom Gifts

  • Salty Sailor Designs and Vinyl
  • In House Embroidery and Vinyl
  • Vet Delivers
  • Fire for Effects

Network & Computer Services

  • GNOSYS Network Svcs.

Aerial Photography

  • I Fly Big Sky Aerial Drone Svcs.

Automotive and Sport Vehicles

  • Trail Forged