Poe & Co. Tweeds and their Revolutionary War Notable Namesakes...


Who knew right? Poe & Company Limited is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Home of the American Patriot! But wait! They offer Flat Caps born and bred right out of England and the United Kingdom?!? Are they loyalists or bloody rebels? 

Well...? A bit of both...

We love our clear connection between NEW ENGLAND and OLDE ENGLAND. All of Great Britain in fact. The land of the sheep farmer. The home of the Flat Cap! The original that donned the heads of European Immigrants as they made their way to American Shores! 

We also love our heritage as rebels willing to take a tough stand against oppression in order to form a more perfect union.

All of that history, we believe, is packaged into the Flat Caps we offer...

Born in the United Kingdom and Raised in the Good Ole' U.S. of A!

Come find yours!


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