Origin and style matters when it comes to manufacturing modern, authentic Flat Caps and Fashion Accessories. Made only in Great Britain, our Flat Caps are handcrafted with 100% pure, renewable sheepswool and cotton linen just as Flat Cap tradition demands. We are proud to be a caretaker for generational Farmers still harvesting wool and cotton, for Milliners still crafting luxury woven fabrics and for so many expert Haberdashers cutting and sewing the finest traditional Flat Caps available. We encourage you to browse our site for the most authentic Flat Caps on the modern market and so much more. All available direct to you from across the deep Atlantic and the historic New England docks of Boston, Massachusetts.

Poe & Company Limited® are members of the Fair Labor Association protecting workers rights around the globe.

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We've been waiting for you and so has your Flat Cap...

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About the shop

U.S. Veteran Owned Purveyors of Finely Crafted Headwear and Fashion Accessories. Browse our large selection of 100% authentic British-made Flat Caps, Sheepskin rugs, bomber jackets, pure wool blankets and more! All supporting renewable British farming and local craftsmanship from our Boston-based shoppe, just the way flat caps were meant to be. Want to learn more? Click about us or visit us on social media.

Our Store Launch

Bringing A tradition to Market

No fashion item in history has remained as resilient as the Flat Cap. In 2010, Christopher Poe, a career American Soldier found himself in Trafalgar Square London with his future wife. Christina Walker was born and raised just outside London and decided her future husband needed a proper British Flat Cap for his journey to the Middle East. After visiting a small hattery , they settled on a black, Garrison style "Ivy" cap. The compliments he received on his new "traditional" style put in motion a series of events that would lead to the Boston, Massachusetts birth of the Poe & Company Brand in May, 2018.

Felix the Raven finds a perch

A logo is born

The Poe & Co. family name can connect its lineage right back to the shores of America in the late 1600's having arrived from Great Britain and Europe. In its bloodline lay a mysterious and famous cousin. Edgar Allan Poe, the 19th century writer and Master of the Macabre, was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1809 and orphaned at the age of two. His dark and sinister stories continue to send chills down the spines of readers. One of his most famous dark poems, "The Raven" was published in 1845. The Poe Raven, nicknamed "Felix" after Felix Eugene Poe (1925-2009) WWII Veteran and Grandfather of Poe & Co. Limited founder, Christopher Poe, now rests comfortably perched on flat capping heads across North America.

Poe & Co Expands

Driving the Style

Poe & Company Limited has delivered more than 1200 solely British Wool Flat Caps from England, Scotland and Ireland back into the U.S. Market as they proudly arrived at the turn of the century. Origin and traditional manufacturing are the staple of the business and we continue to expand our line to bring only the very best in authenticity to customers across the United States. Flat Caps remain a primary focus in the business as Poe & Co. expands to offer more traditional products such as 100% British Wool Blankets and Rugs which helps support their focus on renewable fabrics and wool industry farmers across the lush green countryside of Great Britain.

PROgress through a pandemic

POE & CO. TRADEMARK APPROVED & the liberty collection is born

Looking back on a turbulent 2020 marked by the emergence of COVID-19, Poe & Company Limited® turned crisis into opportunity. More than 15 scheduled tradeshows over the year were cancelled in an effort to keep "Felix the Raven" caged. With the support of valued Flat Capping customers, he flew to new heights. In February 2021, the U.S. Patents and Trademark Office approved the Felix the Raven "O" as a protected brand. By April, Poe & Co. launched America's very first line of licensed U.S. Military Liberty Collection Flat Caps complete with the U.S. Army® and U.S. Navy® Logos and the U.S. Air Force® and U.S. Marine Corps® Flat Caps not far behind.



Bouncing back from COVID-19 was a major challenge for so many small businesses including Poe & Company Limited®. Fabric Mill production in 2021 was so low that the whole of 2022 couldn't catch up. So what did we do? Accept the challenge! We included two new Flat Caps with fabric that was available instead of whining about what was not. The Poe & Co® Garrisons in Parker and Light Horse Harry Tweed were born and our customers loved them. We educated an audience of over 300,000 viewers on QVC® and HSN®. We doubled down on quality vs. quantity and continued to offer the most traditional and authentic Flat Caps on U.S. soil to only the most dedicated and resilient of Flat Cappin' customers in America, Canada and Australia. It is not a job for us... It is a calling to keep tradition and history alive!

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