The first thing you should know about us is that we are a Family  Owned and Operated, U.S. Veterans Administration Certified Small Business that believes History, Origin, Tradition, Service and Quality should always remain the cornerstones of Fine Apparel.

The name Poe derives from our family genealogy connecting to the 19th century macabre prose of an Irish immigrant family and Boston, Massachusetts native, Edgar Allan Poe.

Nevermore” will you need to search for a finer Flat Cap! Our Felix the Raven logo is a nod to Poe's January 1845 published dark poem "The Raven." (Warning: Do not read alone in a dark room!!)


Our flat caps, traditional headwear and accessories are born from a history that dates back centuries and are still hand-crafted from 100% Wool. We are proud to bring all of it to you from the lush farmlands across Great Britain just as they have been arriving since the birth of the United States of America and right through to the the 20th century and beyond…

Though the way we shop may have changed, the traditions built into the very fabrics of time-enduring stylish Flat Caps do not have to…

British Wool has been a staple in fabrics around the world since the days of the Romans. By the 16th Century, laws were passed by the British monarchy that all men will wear wool headwear in order to boost wool productions. It survived through to the 20th century and donned the heads and bodies of thousands of hard-working, American Dream seeking immigrants to the United States in the early 1900’s right through World War Two and beyond.

Today, the lush and green hills of the British Countryside continue to be dotted by over thirty five breeds of hardy, wool bearing sheep. Keeping that industry alive and purposefully maintaining this time-tested, renewable resource are the dedicated men and women traditionally focused on bringing that legacy to you through farming, mill work and hand-crafted perfection.

At Poe & Company Ltd. we value History, Origin, Tradition, Service and Quality. We are excited by combining our values with modern styles offering 100% British Wool products that look so good, you can expect people to notice.

In today’s high-tech, mass-produced, accelerated lifestyles, we often imagine and yearn for times when a tip-of-the-hat was respectful and courteous, where grit, determination and decency prevailed no matter your occupation or station in life and where a high-quality product came with a proud shopkeeper’s personal thank you by name.

It started with the one item that has stood the test of time through generations of men and women from all walks of life.

The one item that translates resilience in good times and bad. The single, greatest, historical equalizer of class in fashion…

The Flat Cap…

Poe & Company Ltd. Flat Caps are manufactured with traditional British quality for the modern American style.

From jeans and a t-shirt to a business suit, at work or at home, at a wedding or at a baseball game, the Flat Cap remains a symbol of style, culture and attitude that is wearable anyplace, anytime.

Poe and Company Ltd. strives to bring you the very best in Flat Cap styles and comfort and won’t rest until you feel good wearing one.

So, Why wear a Poe & Co. Ltd. Flat Cap?

First, because life is simply 5% better when you put one on.

Aside from an increase in your overall life-happiness and your respectable dedication to upscale style, you should also know that we will not sell a single Flat Cap that is mass-produced, made of synthetic materials and does not employ real craftsmen and women.

Our Flat Caps are still individually cut by hand and sewn together from local and naturally produced fabrics from the British Countryside. There is no robot in our game! Only real people doing real work on YOUR Flat Cap!

Wearing a Poe & Company Flat Cap feels good and looks sharp. You can feel confident that your money was wisely spent on a finely crafted Flat Cap that carries tradition and style in its very fabric.

Meet your Hosts

Christopher & Christina Poe

Christopher Poe was born in Ohio, raised in Massachusetts and spent twenty eight years as a soldier in the U.S. Army. He put on his very first Flat Cap in 2010 after meeting his wife and proud British Lady Christina while he was traveling back and forth to the Middle East.

He has a passion for history, woodworking and beyond his love for Poe & Company Ltd., he also loves teaching well-being and resilience to audiences inside and outside of the U.S. Military.


Christina Poe was born in London and raised in the nearby towne of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. She met her soldier over social media in 2007 and together, they have not looked back.

Chrissie has a passion for animals, traveling, experiencing new cultures as well as style and design. She simply thought her future husband would look better in a Flat Cap!

Together, they brought together four children and reside in rural Lunenburg, Massachusetts. As a dual citizen, she loves all things UK and has close family ties to Merry Olde England!


We want to truly thank you for being a part of our company and our journey!