WWII Veteran Robert "Boots" Chouinard on a trip of a lifetime!

What an honor! Poe & Co® has had yet another incredible opportunity to show our support and respect to another "Protector of Liberty" and WWII Greatest Generation Veteran!
Last week, we sent off an officially licensed U.S. Army® Veteran Liberty Collection Flat Cap (paid for when this hero raised his right hand) to 98 year old U.S. Army® Veteran Robert "Boots" Chouinard as he prepared to travel to Germany and walk in his own 1944-1945 historic footsteps. (See photos)
There is simply not enough digital space to tell you all about this amazing Veteran, Hero and his family legacy. We salute the town of Salisbury Massachusetts as they gathered on the town green this passed Thursday to send him off on his trip of a lifetime.
Our wholehearted respect and thanks to Boots and his entire family! We hope he sees many, many more years of health and prosperity under his new cap.
We do have to add that after speaking with his granddaughter, we can give you a bit of insight to "Boot's" solution to a long and active life...
1) Read out loud everyday to keep your brain sharp
2) Cod Liver Oil
3) Exercise (Boots enjoys swimming)
4) Massage your scalp for 20 minutes a day
5) Have a little Brandy (Boots even tried to get a bottle through security at the airport by labeling his bottle "For medicinal purposes only")
We also want to make mention of our past recipients whose own stories are still fresh in our minds as we remember them too.
Michael "Mikey" Notarangelo, USMC WWII
Louis W. Morea, USA WWII
We also want to thank ALL of our Veterans for their service to our country! Free Flat Cap or not... :)
As a Veteran Owned Small Business ourselves, nothing gives us more joy, satisfaction and affirmation that our work to license America's First Military Licensed Flat Caps was well worth the years of red-tape. Especially when men like "Boots" can surely remember Flat Caps being a part of the mainstream fashion during his youth. (They are back by the way!)
Know a WWII Veteran? Get in touch with us... Let's honor them together!
Your Poe & Co® Liberty Collection Team

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